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adj. show·i·er, show·i·est

1. Making an imposing or aesthetically pleasing display; striking: showy flowers.

2. Displaying brilliance and virtuosity of ability or performance: a showy violin solo.

3. Marked by or prone to ostentatious, often tasteless display; flashy.

Definition of SHOWY

1 : making an attractive show : striking <a showy orchid>

2 : given to or marked by a flashy often tasteless display

Examples of SHOWY

   Perhaps you should wear something a little less showy.

   orchid plants are known for their huge showy flowers

Showy Lady's Slipper - Cypripedium reginae

These rare beauties were found in a white cedar bog between June the 15th and June 30th. A shade-loving member of the orchid family, this flower is the provincial flower of Prince Edward Island.

Notes: When you find this orchid, do not disturb it. DO NOT transplant it - it will not survive. This orchid is disappearing in the wild partly due to misguided attempts to transplant it, also due to habitat loss and intrusion by people who want to view these beautiful flowers.

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